Monday, January 12, 2009

The Cazmo Posts Forums

Well, I have finally decided to stop blogging for good. I'm moving on to my new forum. I hope you guys don't miss my blogs too much, BUT I will still be blogging on my forum! I have a section on the forum called "Nolaurator's Blog", click on it and you can view all my latest posts!

Cazmo on forever.


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Cazmo Posts Forums, my new Embassy

Hey guys, I have, again, decided to change my embassy, this time it isn't a blog though! I decided to do something different, I was tired of posting all by my lonesome, so I made a forum! I've been working on it for the last few days now, and I'll tell you, it's looking sharp!

The forum will be replacing this blog as soon as it starts getting users, at the time, I have NO users at all, besides myself. So sign up! But read the rules BEFORE signing up.

Check it out! And have fun!

Also, I have my OWN thread, so I'll be posting in it, it's the top forum. I'll be using that as my new blog.


Saturday, January 3, 2009

Sneak Peeks!

Stay Tuned!


Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Well, there's a lot of fun going around now, on Christmas Eve! Some cleaver cazmo came up with the idea to take up the sport of throwing snowballs! Now come join in on the fun! I have a feeling the snow wont be around much longer!

To throw a snowball, go to actions and click the top action!

In other news: There's new BG's (backgrounds)! Check em' out! They're cool!

I'll keep ya posted!


Friday, December 12, 2008


YOU HEARD RIGHT!!! Beta is officially over! There are so many new things out that you wont want to miss! Free items, Cazmo Coin items, a new blog (featuring the Ambassadors):, and MUCH, MUCH MORE!

Also, there's never a better time to get membership than now, so hurry and get it before the buy one get one free offer is over!

I'll keep you posted!


Friday, December 5, 2008

Sneak Peek!

For all of you who don't know, here's a sneak peek of what is on Cazmo RIGHT NOW!!

Make sure to come and visit Cazmo REAL soon!

I'll keep you posted!


Wednesday, December 3, 2008

My late Halloween Story

Well, I know I'm late for my Halloween story, but here it is!

It was late. No, it was actually very early. 2:00 AM in the morning. Nolaurator was on his blue vehicle traveling around in darkness. He heard something.
What was that?!
A low grave-like sound came to his ears. Then he noticed he was near the body shop.
No wonders.
But something was still different. The ghosts were by the graves like they always were, making their strange noises, but something in the picture didn’t fit.
The body shop was gone!!
He realized it.. But it didn’t quite compute in his mind. His mind had every right for it not to compute. It was just gone. Buildings don’t just vanish.
He walked over to where the Body shop used to stand. The grass where the building used to stand was black! Burnt!
Then he saw something in the sky. It was a bird. No. a plane. Nope, not even a plane. It was superman!…..Wait a minute… no it wasn’t superman. It looked like a a huge ship.
Nolaurator was thinking that the ship blasted the body shop to pieces. But then, why wasn’t there any remains of the body shop laying on the ground?
Unless, of course, that huge thing flying in the air was the body shop….. But the body shop didn’t fly. Everyone knew that.
Nolaurator still had the urge to fly up in his ship and see what was going on… and that’s exactly what he was going to do.

Nolaurator was in his ship. There was a problem though. He hadn’t expected to run out of gas.
“Darn!” He said angrily.
The huge ship ahead was moving. Fast. He either had to catch it quickly and hope he didn’t run out of gas, or he had to go back to the planet. Which was farther off than the ship. He had no time to get back to land before he ran out of gas.
He sped toward the huge ship ahead. It was going way too fast. And there was something coming out the back… what was it..?
He suddenly saw what it was.
Aliens were streaming toward him at an outrageous speed! He swerved around them the best he could, but they were everywhere! Good thing Planetary Command had installed some lasers on his ship.
He fired three times.
It left a pretty clear enough path for him to get through, even though there were still hundreds more on every other side.
He hit the big red button. It was only for emergencies. This qualified as one.
He blasted ahead at light speed. The red button worked.
But….. Now he was thousands of yards away from the huge ship! He had actually sped ahead of the ship when he hit the red button. But the ship was headed his way! He would just wait for the ship to come and pick him up! He only hoped that the ship wasn’t an enemy ship.

When the ship reached him, he jumped out of his own ship and landed with a thunk! on the side of the other ship. He had to find a hatch. Or he could make one.
He took out his hand laser and made a hole in the side of the ship big enough for him to fit through. He crawled through it to find that the inside was completely dark except din green lights ahead, down the hall. He walked by the walls cautiously, hoping something huge and hairy wouldn’t jump out at him.
When he reached the end of the hall, it was really dark. Not even a dim green light was anywhere in sight.
All of a sudden, lights flashed on! Nolaurator shielded his eyes from the sudden brightness. He saw a figure walking toward him. It was tall and very skinny. The figure suddenly lurched forward and grabbed Nolaurator!
He saw his face.
“DR. FRANKENBODY!??!” Nolaurator yelled in confusion.
“Nolaurator”?! Dr. Frankenbody spouted out.
“What are you doing in my ship?!”
“Uh.. Well… I uhh…. Saw your ship from the ground. I thought it blew up the body shop, I was gonna see who’s ship this was. I thought it might be the alien ship that abducted Jeff and Torgo. I was going to try to stop them from abducting anyone else.”
“Ahh! I understand now!” Frankenbody said.
“But… why is the body shop gone? And why are you in this ship with all the aliens?”
“Well, the body shop is gone because… this is the body shop! You see, it can transform into a ship. When I was launching off, it must’ve left burnt marks on the grass. Also, I just released a bunch of aliens into space. They were in my dungeons and I was meaning to take them up to space and let them go far away from the planet.”
"That’s why you’re here? Why didn’t you turn around a while ago? You already let them all go.”
“Well… uhhhhhhh…. That’s not the ONLY reason I’m here…. My.. Uhh…. Grandmommy gets scared during Halloween. All the kids dressed up in the costumes freak her out.”
“Soooo you’re going to visit your grandma?"
“Uh, no, we BOTH are! Your ship is pretty much stranded out there, and I’m not gonna drop you back off on the planet. It’s way too far. But don’t worry! We’ll have lots of fun together!”
“Yeah………….. right."

The End!

Hoped you liked it!